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Quantity Order: Add to Basket
Payment Method:Telegraphic Transfer (T/T)
Pack. & Delivery:Pack
Specification:Sell Muslimah Swimwear for Adults and Children.
Best Quality Material # 1 - Korea imported materials
Factory Production Convection Jakarta - Indonesia

Swimwear Muslimah Our Price Cheapest, with the Best Quality!

Materials Swimwear Muslimah We Thickness, Material Premium Quality 1 ( Materials on Import from Korea)

MUSLIM CLOTHING STORES SWIMMING in Jakarta, Muslim Swimwear sell the Best Quality with Wholesale Price Cheapest Muslim Swimwear.

Contact FACTORY Swimwear Muslim women in Jakarta | NUR Islama diene 0838 9799 3799 or send an e-mail to: nurislamadiena@ yahoo.com, to obtain catalog and price cheap muslimah swimsuit to date.

Agents Wanted Muslimah Swimwear throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam, the Union of Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia. Price Reselller Muslimah Swimwear very interesting.

We also serve orders Swimwear Muslimah all sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL

Receiving orders factory scale, bulk, wholesale, retail dozens, and retail units.

Muslimah Swimwear Adult Price:
Muslimah Swimwear Size Adult;
XXL: Rp. 290.000, -
XL: Rp. 263 000, -
L: Rp. 247 000, -
M: Rp. 237 000, -
S: Rp. 223 000, -

Price Swimwear Muslimah Children:
Muslimah Swimwear Size Child;

No. Price

12: Rp. 218 000, -
10: Rp. 205 000, -
8: Rp. 194 000, -
6: Rp. 185.000, -
4: Rp. 183 000, -
2: Rp. 168 000, -
1: Rp. 150.000, -

AGENTS WANTED Muslimah Swimwear in All Areas of Indonesia and Overseas!

AGENT = 25% DISCOUNT s / d 30%

Terms Become Agent:
1. For the agency, spending at least 3 dozen First / 36 pieces = 25% Discount

2. After the Agent, the next spending, at least 1 / 2 dozen / 6 slices.

3. For Returns, A maximum of 20% of the total expenditure and Tempo maximum one month from date expenditures.

4. Wholesale Spending, Minimal 1 Gross / 12 Dozen / 144 pieces, get 30% Discount

5. Motive is not available throughout the year, can vary each month. New motifs will be on his photo uploads each month.

6. Prices can change at any time.

For BOOKING and Muslimah Swimwear AGENCY:

Please CONTACT: Nur Islama diene ( Dina) 0838 9799 3799 E-mail: NurIslamaDiena@ Yahoo.Com
Website: Www.NurIslamaDiena.Com

Company Contact
Name:Mrs. Nur Islama Diena [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: nurislamadiena Y!: nurislamadiena
ICQ: 8956549
Google Talk:  nurislamadiena  nurislamadiena
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mrs. Nur Islama Diena at Depok
Phone Number:Phone number of Mrs. Nur Islama Diena at Depok
Address:Jl. Pangkalan Jati 2/ No. 98, Cinere
Depok 16513, Jawa Barat
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